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  • Is the coffee Arabica or Robusta?
    Babjax Coffee is made from Arabica beans, which tend to have superior flavor, smoothness and doesn’t have the bitterness often found in Robusta beans.
  • Where is your coffee sourced?
    Our roasts come from different regions blended together to achieve their unique flavor. The current blends comes from different regions of Central and South America.
  • Is your coffee higher in caffeine?
    None of the caffeine content has been altered and exists in the natural levels of each roast. More caffeine exists naturally in lighter coffees than dark roasts.
  • In what grind is Babjax Coffee available?
    Currently every roast is ground for commonly used drip coffeemakers and percolators.
  • Are there any calories in flavored coffee?
    There is about 1 calorie in 8oz of coffee. The flavoring does not add any calories. There are no carbs.
  • Is Babjax Coffee available in Whole Bean or Decaf?
    Yes! We now feature our 45 RPM Premium Roast Dark in Whole Bean as well as What's the Point? Swiss Water Filtered Decaf.
  • How much coffee do I use when I brew?
    Everyone has different coffee tastes. A good starting point would be a heaping teaspoon per cup. Adjust to your own personal tastes. Various brewing methods may have their own recommendations.
  • How do I store my Babjax Coffee?
    Keep your opened bag of coffee as tightly wrapped (using the existing tin tie) as possible in a cool dry place. Humidity is bad for any coffee. Exposure to air will slowly degrade the coffee and the flavor will diminish.
  • Can I store my Babjax Coffee in the freezer?
    You can store your unopened / sealed bag of coffee in the freezer. However, if the package is opened, used, and stored again in freezer you will run the risk of absorbing various food flavors into the coffee. Also, taking coffee out of the freezer, allowing it to defrost, use and store again in freezer will cause condensation and eventually rot the coffee.
  • Does the vent in the front of the bag let air into the bag?
    No, that is a one way air vent that allows expanding gasses from the coffee to vent out, but doesn’t allow coffee to enter the bag.
  • What shipping method do you use?
    Babjax Coffee is fulfilled in New England and shipped USPS Priority mail throughout the United States.
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping costs vary depending on your state and are displayed upon checkout after you enter your shipping destination.
  • When can I expect to receive my coffee?
    Orders are fulfilled within 48 hours with transit times from 1-3 days. So, depending on where you live, you can usually expect to receive your coffee within 3-5 business days. Please allow extra time during heavy shipping season and holidays.
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